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Xenoblade spoilers abound, so beware.


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looking at sharla I BET he was a master of the bongos. ayyyy


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Why does it look like Juju’s trying to play bongos?

Little known fact: Juju’s true ambition in life is to become the best bongo player the world has ever seen. He initially looked up to Reyn because he assumed that Reyn must be a master of the bongos, but then Juju ultimately decided to forgo adventuring and head the reconstruction of Colony 6 so he could have the time to devote to his bongo playing.

Reyn’s grin is so fucking cheesy

Reyn’s grin is so fucking cheesy

It was available on Otaku Republic a while ago?

Oh yeah, that’s where I had seen it more recently (thanks for reminding me!).

However, it’s sold out there too.

That’s cool, I’ll hunt around for it. Even if I can’t understand it, it’s still cool to have. What’s the title?

The Anthology of Senyu from Xenoblade

Can you still buy it? Also has it been translated or would I have to find a fan translation? Because it seems like a pretty sweet thing to have.

I bought it from here, but it looks like it’s unavailable now. :(

I remember seeing it for sale on a different site a few months back, but I can’t remember where, If I find it available at some other site, I’ll let you know. Also, there has been no translation of it (at least to my knowledge).